In its new broadcast series entitled Zum Greifen nah [Within Reach] Austria’s Ö1 radio station aims to relate Austria’s history over the past 100 years using objects from the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) and the Wien Museum.

What do an arch lever file, a pack of razor blades, and a pair of combat boots have in common? They are all historical sources with often amazing stories to tell about their time.

Over the next few months the new series of Leporello will use a variety of objects to retell Austria’s history from 1900 right through to the present day. These are not cult objects that were once the talk of the town, but everyday objects that ordinary people will have used at some time or another.

Find out more in each of the weekly slots, every Monday at 7.52 am on Radio Ö1 (through to June 2013).

TIP: The broadcast series is also available as a free podcast.

Interested in more stories behind the exhibits in our collection?

Navigate through our six collection sections and discover more than 200 other exciting stories! Use the epoch timeline to specify the time horizon you are interested in.
The exhibits are interlinked using dynamic pivoting points: the exhibitions, collection sections, chronological and spatial categories and, not least, the members of staff responsible are all linked.

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